About Us

The Strength Factory thrives from hardcore training, heavy lifts and a massive amount of reps. When you train with us, your level of fitness will soar to new heights. The atmosphere within the gym is bar none, we are a family and will always push and encourage others.



Powerlifters in all weight classes are welcome and able the push their training to the max! Here at The Strength Factory we only use competition equipment. We have Texas Power bars, Competition bench press, Deadlift platforms and only metal weights. We have 100 lb plates and dumbbells up to 250 LBS!!!!


Fitness competitors in all categories are invited prep for your shows at our facility. We have a very extensive collection of pin select equipment along with Dumbbells increasing 5 lbs to 100 lbs. The cardio section contains everything you'll need to hit those goals. We have The Gauntlet Stairmaster, Treadmills, Ellipticals and bikes. 



Here at The Strength Factory, we offer training in multiple forms- Athletic, Teams, Competitors, and Personal Training. Our staff consists of past collegiate athletes and current competitors that are dedicated to making each individual or team reach the desired outcome. Whether one-on-one or teams of 30 athletes, let The Strength Factory help you achieve your goals!